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Nisa Finance

NISA is a fully automated invoice financing platform that enables financial institutions to issue invoice-backed loans to SME's quickly and affordably by automating the application and verification process through ERP System integration.

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A new dawn for Invoice Finance

Our technology removes all the manual-work associated with invoice-financing which decreases the cost to finance the loan. This means invoice financing can be extended to SME’s at lower interest rates.The NISA platform also provides a credit-scoring decision based on the data collected from the SMEs application , allowing SMEs to have their applications approved within less than 24 hours.

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Are you a growing enterprise facing cashflow issues?
We offer the most afforable invoice financing rates with an easy online process that is verified and approved in a few hours through automation.

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Financial Institutions

Are you a financial Institution that uses manual invoice-financing processes and faces high costs to finance these loans?
We help you automate the supplier authentication, invoice verification and credit assessment.

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Large Corporates

Do you have BBBEE requirements and your SME suppliers are facing cash-flow issues?
We help you support your SMEs whilst growing your ESD fund by giving you the power to contribute to the fund that offers SMEs the invoice financing.

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